December 11, 2017

Working In the Magic Middle Space

In today’s market place, creativity is the key to building and sustaining any type of viable business.


That means working in a new space – reliant not only on your linear, metric-driven left brain side, nor with an over emphasis on the creative, right brain side, but in using both in tandem.

It’s all about listening to your intuition and then taking the practical information and filtering it through both sides to a new space, between the two spheres.

It’s here where you are at your best – following your hunches, but also using your smarts and your experience to bring your work to successful fruition. It isn’t always easy. Don’t be discouraged. Few of us are Mozarts. Inevitably it is a trial and error process that can take time.

Here are three tips to help get you there:

  1. Think outside the proverbial box. That’s where the status quo isn’t.
  2. Focus on a bigger future even though you can’t always see it.
  3. Play the game of life with joy. Life is a very special when you approach it as a splendid gift and a once-in-a-life time adventure.

Stay strong. Life sparkles and you’ll find yourself totally engaged when you are working in the magic middle space.

Thinking about starting out in a new direction in the New Year? Need some help finding your magic middle space? Like me to speak to your group? I am easily reachable. Text/call 416.450.8867 or email drew@drewsimmie.com


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