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The work I do is a reflection and expansion of who I am and what I have come to believe as I continue to further explore the deeper dimensions of my life.

I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from coaching and working with people who want to lean further into their lives, stay connected, engaged and vital. Read more about coaching.


Drew Simmie


Empathetic and insightful, my background and broad world view, together with a resilience and hard purposefulness, born out of age, stand me and my clients in good stead. My philosophy is best encapsulated, I think, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote:


Greatness is not where we stand,
but in the direction we are moving.
We must sail sometimes with the wind,
sometimes against it, but sail we must,
and not drift, nor lie at anchor.


Life is a journey. Mine has taken me to many regions of the world, including the Canadian Arctic, Western Europe, the Middle East and India.


Along the way, I have been blessed to have lived with and worked many amazing people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and religions, and from whom I have learned so much.


Based in Toronto, I divide my time between executive coaching, speaking and writing. Read my blog. I am also engaged in a strategic relationship with a national consulting company in the not-for-profit sector and facilitate an inspirational conscious-raising seminar aptly named Step Into Life.

Life is precious. Time is of the essence. If you have been looking for a breakthrough moment and would like to discuss it further, email me at drew@drewsimmie.com or tel/text 416.450.8867.

Mon-Fri 9-5 EST
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"Drew will re-focus you on what's important, make you dig deep to discover your passion and then kick-start you to get on the right track. He is inspiring and passionate, a true combination of a great leader."


Penelope Edgar
Fashion and Portrait/Wedding Photographer

Vancouver, BC. Canada.


"I first met Drew 4 years ago. Each time I communicate with Drew, he inspires me in some way with words of encouragement for either a project I'm working on in the moment or one that I'm contemplating. I've always secretly dreamed of writing a book but always thought it was a "pipe dream." It was through his gentle prodding that I summoned up the courage to embark on that journey. Each time we correspond, he asks, "How's the book coming along?" If I say I haven't written anything in a while, he encourages me to pick up my pen again and just let the words flow. And, I do. If he can do this for me through our casual interactions, imagine what he could do for you as a life coach! Drew, you are blessing in my life."

Sue McMillan,
Speech-Language Pathologist




"I wanted to thank you for speaking to my students on Tuesday at the AATO meeting. You were very inspirational and really helped to encourage them to think positive which is what I try to do everyday I am with them in class.

They are saying nothing but great things about their experience on Tuesday.

Thank you again."


Jenn McKay, Dip. Arch. Tech., B.A.Sc.
Professor in the Centre for Arch. & Constr. Engineering Technology
George Brown College
Toronto, Canada



"As an entrepreneur you are driven and deeply immersed in your vision! Drew has helped me see clarity in my goals through his deep understanding of busines, marketing adn most importantly his intrinsic knowledge of entrepreneurial dilemmas in this rapidly changing world."


Michael Presutti and Associates – Landscape Architects
Toronto, Canada



"Drew has been my business consultant for three years, helping me grow into my new entrepreneurial shoes. Being in business for yourself is a lonely place. Drew understands this; he listens and offers his perspective on my challenges. He knows the bottom line but communicates with compassion -- a good combination for a coach."


Sue Berlove – Importer
Children’s Knitted Educational Knitted Toys
A member of the Fair Trade Network




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Does your group need to be inspired?


Sometimes you need to top up more than your gas tank!

From time to time we all need some good old fashioned inspiration and encouragement!

Drew Simmie

In this crazy, hyper-competitive world everyone is looking for fresh solutions and new ways to stay inspired, accelerate their potential and find more joy in each day.


An energizing and dynamic speaker, Drew quickly captures his audience - challenging and motivating them to step further out of their comfort zone, be open to new possibilities and reach for greater success.


Drawing on a wealth of hard-learned personal and business experience and referencing highlights from his books, Life Without a Parachute and The Tug of the Kite, he shares the many lessons he he discovered on the road to personal growth and renewal - and points out how they may benefit his audience.


Highly intuitive, yet down to earth, Drew paints a brightly coloured, engaging narrative to which many in his audience can relate - as they work through their day, living their personal destinies, striving to do and be the best in their personal and professional lives.


There is a Q and A session at the end of his presentation, providing an opportunity for audience participation.


For further information about:
Speaking & fee schedules, one-on-one coaching or mentoring.

Contact info@drewsimmie.com or
Tel. direct 1.416.450.8867 Monday to Friday 9 to 5 EST Monday - Friday.