October 22, 2018

You Have Choices

A lot of life is about the choices you make.


Some are more difficult to make than others. It’s always the most important ones that are the hardest.

The most fundamental one is how you view life. Everything flows from there.

Today, constantly buffeted by a steady diet of negativity, fear and pessimism it is easier to think that life is just about the money, wearing the right labels, holidaying in the latest hotspot or owning the latest thing; or you can think it is a wonderful, magical ride, albeit with with many bumps and unexpected sharp curves but well worth the ticket – doing what you think matters and holds meaning for you.

In his book, Seize The Day, Saul Bellow wrote, “If you think that historical forces are sending everybody straight to hell, you can either go resignedly with the procession or hold out, and hold out not from pride or other personal motives, but from admiration and love for human abilities and powers which, without exaggeration, the words ‘miracle’ and ‘sublimity’ can be applied.”

Read his words again. This time, say them out loud so you can hear your own voice speaking.

The choice is yours.

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