May 15, 2018

Time To Move On?

Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your own experience or your own convictions. Dag Hammarskjold.


Have you ever found yourself sitting quietly at 35,000 feet, on your way to a business meeting or perhaps coming back from a holiday, your mind wandering, quietly looking out the window, thinking, “Do I have this picture right? Could someone have switched the script when I wasn’t watching?

Could it be that you have outgrown your present situation? Could a change be in the works?

So, here you are. Doing all the right things, playing by the rules, but there is a void in your life… a feeling that something is missing. It’s kind of like getting up from the table after a delicious meal, but still feeling hungry.

Sound familiar? Relax, it isn’t only you. You are not the first person to ask these or similar questions.

It’s just that now it’s your turn.

You are not who you were when you started out. None of us are. Subject to the shifting currents, as we make our way through life, living our personal destinies, we pass through a number of phases, like taking off an old coat and putting on a new one.

Change isn’t without risk, it’s true, and it’s not for everyone, but it’s equally true that being willing to put down your old stories doesn’t always mean giving up the “good life” and all that for which you have worked so hard. Nor does it mean you can’t be consistent with your entrepreneurial, money-making instincts and skills.

What is has everything to do with is your attitude, your willingness to believe in yourself and in your innate, unique talents.

Letting go of the familiar isn’t for everyone, but if you feel in your gut that you have plateaued and think that there is brighter, more exciting future beckoning, there isn’t a better time than today.

There will be some scary moments, that’s for sure, but you’ll handle them.

Our world is changing, bringing with it new opportunities and broader horizons open to those willing to seek them out.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you.


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