November 13, 2017

Home is Where You Stand

One of my favourite contemporary writers is Pico Iyer. He writes and speaks on a number of eclectic subjects. A friend forwarded a link to a TED Talk that he had delivered, entitled Where Is Home?


A master story teller, his talk is engaging and inspirational.

We’re living in trying, uncertain times. Diversity and change are the coinage of our era. Everyday the world gets a little smaller and meaner. Listening and watching the media to which we seem to become ever more addicted, the choice offered up is increasingly stark: Either we are all going to hell in a hand basket, or we are on the cusp of a bright, brave new world.

Ever the optimist, in spite of the growing evidence to the contrary, I am inclined to the latter view, holding to a hopeful, inclusive picture of the world. Yes, it’s  challenging but so are the opportunities, if you are willing to stay open and look for them.

In spite of the seeming evidence to the contrary, I’m still bullish on the future. I think Pico has it right. In the global world, home is not where you came from…  it is where you stand.

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