February 5, 2018

Can You Feel The Tug?

The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become and, in turn, the happier.

To celebrate his 12th birthday Timothy took the kite he had bought himself with the money he had saved up and went to the park. It was a blustery, overcast afternoon, a perfect day for kite flying.

As he ran with it, his arm extended, in the stiff breeze breeze the kite flew higher and higher. The cord was so taut that he feared it might tear away from the kite, so slowly he let out the string.

The kite kept flying until it was out of sight.

A middle aged, dressed in a conservative suit approached him.

“What are you doing,” he asked?

“I’m flying a kite,sir,” Timothy replied.

“Flying a kite? What do you mean,” the man responded. “I don’t see the kite. You don’t see the kite. How do you know there is a kite?”

Gravely, Timothy looked at the man. “I know there’s a kite, sir, because I can feel the tug.”

In a way, life is like that. Life’s daily pressures and challenges can wear down your enthusiasm and resolve. Fresh solutions seem to allude you. Things aren’t as much fun. Worst of all, your courage gets thin. That’s deadly because when that happens your horizons begin to narrow.

Is this resonating? If it is, if you can’t feel the tug anymore and have been searching for some fresh ideas and inspiration to connect or reconnect with your kite, I invite you to attend my brand new seminar Step Into Life.

The first session is being held on Feb. 27. Watch this space for all the details to follow shortly.

Want to step into your life and step up your game? Interested in working with me? Contact me at drew@drewsimmie.com or call direct 416.450.8867.  Follow me on Twitter


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