March 25th, 2019

The Artist In You

Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back; a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. Anais Nin.


Artistry isn’t just confined to the world of the arts and music.

There is artistry in business, too. especially in today’s constantly changing, fast shifting, technology-driven market place.

There’s the art of the deal, putting people and resources together. There’s art in product design, in the creation of a best-selling app or a new service. There’s art in being able to read a market, to know when to get in and when to get out.

Creativity lies within the person who is willing to take a risk when others wouldn’t; someone who sees innovative solutions to existing problems. Someone who envisages a product or service the world hasn’t yet realized it can’t live without. Someone who through their actions improves people’s lives.

If there’s an artist in you, just waiting to get out… let it soar today!

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March 18th, 2019

Honour Your Heart

The Zen Master poured his visitor’s teacup full and then kept on pouring.


The visitor watched until he could no longer restrain himself.

“It’s overfull,” he exclaimed. “No more will go in.”

“Like this cup,” the Zen Master replied, “you are full of your own opinions and assumptions. How can you learn your truth until you first empty your cup?”

Every epiphany has a common point. Regardless of the specific event or whatever triggers the enquiry, something happens that awakens our consciousness or reminds us that we have drifting.

In our heart of hearts, we know that we have to stop and take stock. It can be any number of events and there is no particular age when it happens.

Perhaps, it’s getting caught in a company restructuring. Maybe it’s the loss of someone you loved dearly, through death or divorce. Perhaps it’s a financial failure or an unexpected, life-threatening illness. For some it is the ticking of the clock.

Then again, maybe it’s none of the above; it’s just a deep-in-your-soul feeling that you’re off the track and it’s time to get real.

One day, whatever it is, you realize that you are all caught up in a life that is no longer yours. You started out with your own dreams and plans, and dutifully followed suit, but along the way, someone or something hijacked them.

It’s at this point when you begin the long, slow process of growing into fuller maturity and becoming more human. For whatever reason, experience, education and observation begin to converge and life suddenly starts coming together in a manner it never had before.

Until you reach this point, the surface questions are no more than idle chatter cluttering up your mind. Life’s daily routines and the idleness of the media seem to take on an unwarranted importance that only serve to further distract you from what you think is truly important.

Everything looks all right, but it feels all wrong.

Do I have this right, you wonder? Could someone have switch the script when I wasn’t watching?

If this resonating, the Zen Master may have had it right. There’s a good chance that your cup, too, is running over the brim and a rethink is in order.

Life is moving at lightening speed. Change is rampant. It’s giving many pause to stop and take a look at themselves and at what they’re doing. More to the point, why?

Could a personal reinvention be on order, or at the very least, a new challenge?

None of us are who we were when we first started out. We reinvented ourselves many times along the way and every time took on a new challenge.

Perhaps, it’s time again. By stretching the limits of what you have allowed yourself to do in the past, you were able to do more than you ever thought possible.

Maybe you have have been thinking about a new business, moving to a new city, going back to school, or making other changes in your business or personal life.

You only get one life. Resolve today, right now, that you are going to do what you have to do to live it on your terms and, in the process, honour your heart.

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March 11th, 2019

We Become What We Think.

Thinking.The Talking Of The Soul. Plutarch.


Every thought we’re thinking is creating our future.

Each of us creates our own experiences by our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our thoughts and deeds create who we become.

What we believe about ourselves becomes true.

And when we create a peaceful and harmonious environment in our minds, we find it in our lives.


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March 7th, 2019

On International Women’s Day


… a poem by, whose else, than Angelou Maya:

Now you understand just why my head’s not bowed.

I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud.

When you see me passing it ought to make you proud.

I say,

It’s in the click of my heels, the bend of my hair,

the palm of my hand, the need of my care.

‘Cause I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman.

That’s me.

March 4th, 2019

There Are No Ordinary Days

No one day is like another, each tomorrow has its special miracle, its magic moment in which old universes are destroyed and new starts created. Paulo Coelho.


Living at the speed we do today, it’s all too easy to miss the magic moments in life.

The pace is frenetic, the stress and strain unrelenting. As you navigate life’s twists and turns, life can easily catch up to you if you are not careful. We’re so focused on the big stuff that we can often overlook the seemingly little things and significant moments that can make such a difference to our lives and those around us who really matter.

We’re all so busy… just trying to keep up, “staying alive”, as the expression goes. The days turn into weeks, weeks into months and before you know it, in what seems the blink of an eye, years have slipped away.

Sound familiar?

So, how can you reduce the stress in your life and make time to take the “ordinary” out of your day and make it more meaningful?

For starters, here are five suggestions:

  1. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Notice and give thanks for what you have rather than bemoan what you haven’t.
  2. Share joy, not negativity.
  3. Consume wisely. Pause before buying and ask yourself, “Do I really need this or would simply like it?”
  4. Pay attention to the effects of the media you consume. It will eat up hours of your day if you let it.
  5. Choose your friends with care. If you strive to be spiritually strong, supportive and positive, seek those characteristics in others and help them develop those traits by living them yourself.

HINT: If you are a slave to your todo list, resolve today, right now! to get a handle on it and take back your life. Make a mental note to yourself or better still, write a post-it note and stick it on the fridge door.

In big, bold black letters write, THERE ARE NO ORDINARY DAYS.

Of course, there are demands on your time and obligations that must be met but there is only so much of you to go around. Give yourself a break. You’re the only one who will.

Each time, when you begin the next new list or add another task to your current one, pause and ask yourself, “Are  these tasks moving me towards or away from the life I want to be living?”

If the answer is no, strike them off immediately.You’d be surprised at how quickly you can adapt to a shorter list and how much better you’ll feel.

Life is too precious and time is too short to fritter away even one day.

Give it a try. You’ve nothing to lose… and hours per week to gain.


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