December 11th, 2017

Working In the Magic Middle Space

In today’s market place, creativity is the key to building and sustaining any type of viable business.

That means working in a new space – reliant not only on your linear, metric-driven left brain side, nor with an over emphasis on the creative, right brain side, but in using both in tandem.

It’s all about listening to your intuition and then taking the practical information and filtering it through both sides to a new space, between the two spheres.

It’s here where you are at your best – following your hunches, but also using your smarts and your experience to bring your work to successful fruition. It isn’t always easy. Don’t be discouraged. Few of us are Mozarts. Inevitably it is a trial and error process that can take time.

Here are three tips to help get you there:

1. Think outside the proverbial box. That’s where the status quo isn’t.

2. Focus on a bigger future even though you can’t always see it.

3. Play the game of life with joy. Life is a very special when you approach it as a splendid gift and a once-in-a-life time adventure.

Stay strong. Life sparkles and you’ll find yourself totally engaged when you are working in the magic middle space.

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December 7th, 2017

We Are All Connected

Like a pair of giant needles, technology and globalization have knitted us together, like it or not.

Whether we are in Toronto, Toledo or Timbuktu, we are living in a giant global village – interconnected, interdependent and demanding we broaden our world view.

Broadly speaking, a view world is a set of expectations and biases we have formed that shapes how we see and feel about people in other nations and, indeed, even in our own cities and neighbourhoods – each with their own world view.

Accommodation isn’t always easy but as distances and time continue to shrink, it is good to remember that most of us, regardless of where we stand on the globe, are just trying to get through the day, striving to stay alive, better our conditions, to do the best by our families and those for whom we care.

We are not the same, of course. Our cultures, religions, educational backgrounds societal differences can make strangers of us – but only if we let them.

The songs we sing, the stories we tell, sounds and words that to others can sound foreign, even threatening. Still, as the world gets smaller, we need to make the effort to narrow the gap, remembering that a stranger is only a person whose story or song we have never heard – until we are willing to listen.

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December 4th, 2017

Building a Successful Brand

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special or it’s not going to get the business. Warren Buffett.


Building a successful business takes imagination and hard work. There are always challenges, of course, and competitors snapping at your heels.

In today’s social media environment just having a new app or a good idea isn’t enough.

Creating a company or a brand is like creating a reputation for a person. You must earn it. By doing the right things well, rather than following the crowd and doing things right. Day after day, after day, after day.

For better or for worse, your brand is a reflection of your thinking, character and values.

Be authentic.

In our ever-changing society, authenticity is the most important component of a successful marketing strategy.

The most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable.

Their foundations are stronger because they are built not only with a slick ad campaign but with the strength of the human spirit.

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